Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Feeling entombed by responsibilities? Discover how to avoid the big burn out by good time management

Many entrepreneurs work all alone. They they're the web designer, cpa, administrator, economic planner, and more. Some might even be wives and husbands and parents trying to keep everybody pleased and addressed. An organized time management does not exist. They attempt being everyone and in all places at the same time. While you may be able to keep this up for a while often you reach a point when it appears you are working 24/7 and still feel as though very little gets achieved. That is the time to stop and try a different way to deal with the daily routine.

As soon as you realized that you cannot potentially do everything you think is required ask "how can I best use my time and energy today?" Make time to create three sorted lists of all things you planned to accomplish and look what a) unquestionably needs to be completed in order to not risk your enterprise, b) and what you must do to reach your long-term goal and c) what is not essential or only done to make you feel good accomplishing it. Do all things in list a) and at least fifty percent of list b) and one or two things of list c). Not until you are done with these you can tackle finishing the rest of the other tasks.

approach is generating one list of all responsibilities for the week with sorted priorities. Choose your five top priorities and begin completing these first. When you are done reexamine the remaining tasks and finish the five next most critical tasks next. The satisfaction of having completed the most important points on your list will give you a feeling of success that will easily motivate you to remain checking off more items from your list.
You can also
take each task and divide it up in many sub-tasks. For instance instead of the task “call vendors”, write call supplier A, call vendor B, call merchant C. Or let’s say you wanted to revise the menu in case you are running a bistro you may write revise the entrees, revise the lunch items, etc. The benefit is that you will still have to complete the entire task, but by completing all the sub-tasks one at a time you get the mental affirmation of truly achieving something.

also helps is to incorporate tasks related to your well-being and interactions with your family and good friends in at times you would typically still be busy. Assuming you are usually beginning very early, add a task to get extended breakfast together with the kids or chill out in the park. Whatever you enjoy doing but think you shouldn't be doing it simply because other activities may be more important, that make a high priority in the time management list. It is very important to also prioritize for body and soul, and interactions with friends and family. All these are very important, they help avoiding that we feel burned out and completing these “tasks” gives us back important energy to keep going.

boundaries is very important to ensure that you don’t wear out. One boundary can be a maximum number of hours you're working daily or the number of hours you work with out a break. Meaning that just when you reached these maximum numbers of hours you stop working regardless of whether are done or not. If you are frank with yourself you already know that at a certain degree of fatigue or lack of sleep you can as well stop working because it doesn't change your output significantly. That is one of the best time management habits of successful entrepreneurs. They understand when it is enough.Recognizing when we cannot do more and should ask for help is another very hard but certainly essential for success. The math is simple if you attempt to do every little thing and you get to a point where the quality of what you do suffers, you need to involve others inside your business or outside of it. For instance outsourcing simple defined tasks with regards to design, promoting, website creation, management and so forth is relatively simple to do and for sure money well spent.